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BowTie Heads vs RHS Alum.Heads

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BowTie Heads vs RHS Alum.Heads

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Posted: 10/26/13
12:25 AM

I noticed your DYNO results showed RHS heads making more horse power than
Bow-ties. Yet, the combustion chamber design was not considered in the test. Seems to me that an angle-plug head was developed to create a better flame pattern with a pop-up piston. I would suggest, shroud around the intake valve area of the combustion chamber to get the true potential of the bow-tie heads. Also, use an Arias or Ross 12.5:1 forged pistons with six inch rods and a flame notch in the piston domes angled towards the spark plug with valve reliefs cut to accept 650" lift,
(ISKY Z-70 Camshaft) 327 large journal crankshaft in a VO 350 4 Bolt Main Block square decked with BHJ plate centering camshaft and crankshaft for proper deck height then bored with 2 BHJ torque plates installed on each side with the rear cylinders(#7) having .001" more piston clearance.
 The port work should be the same on the exhaust. Angle mill heads and the exhaust flanges mill 12.5 degrees and use 1 7/8" tube equal length headers with 5/16" twelve point bolt heads, and a Victor JR. intake with a Holley Dbl. Pump, 1" spacer plate, 50cc pumps, 700cfm annular main body with NASCAR linkage, and extended fuel bowls with four corner idling on a 750cfm base plate.
 Then get the true potential of all the heads using Harland & Sharp Roller Rockers. These modifications applied will get 75HP to 100HP or more and an accurate comparison.
 You guys should consider the Crane Fireball angle plug heads with round exhaust ports and 1 3/4" fender well headers to find best results for port designs and flow characteristics you must consider 95 LT-1 D port aluminum heads ported and polished with 1.6 rockers.
 Anyway, to all pros and cons, the real test is the E.T. at the drag strip.  

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Posted: 10/26/13
12:28 AM

Glad to see someone knows how to hop up a SB Chevy  

tuffnuff tuffnuff
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Posted: 10/27/13
08:27 AM

Interesting build, albeit not cheap and with that compression and cam.,. not a street driver or grocery getter.

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Posted: 10/28/13
05:41 PM

Hi there,
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