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shot in the dark , random question

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shot in the dark , random question

discombobulated discombobulated
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 04/13
Posted: 04/30/13
11:10 PM

hi .. i have a 2000 s-10 4x4 with a 350 chevy in 'er and a 5 spd tranny .. it's my work truck .. though it's a 4x4 it isnt a monster truck .. it's sorta like a cyclone on steroids.. has 18'' low profile wide tires , no lift.. i know it's impossible to diagnose my issue without looking at it , but i thought i'd throw it out there.. lemme break down the motor .. it has a '76 chevelle block ..202 patriot heads.. and a '98 vortec FI from a '98 pick up..also has a voodoo cam ,roller rockers and a hyfire 6 ignition and cold air intake .. for some reason it's not firing on all cyls as of late ..the drivers side exhaust feels chunky when i put my hand on the the tip compared to the passenger side.. it doesnt smoke at all , but the exhaust smells very "exhausty" .. lol .. kinda rich i to be expected when not firing on all cyls .. a few mins after driving it my check engine light will start blinking .. i didnt do the work on it .. i purchased it as is..and it appears to have been done right according to friends who have stared at it.the builder was a manager at a napa repair shop and seemed to take pride in his work..airbags .. a/c .. cruise .. even the radio doesnt shut off till the door is opened .. all pretty much stock /cept it's loud n proud due to the headers and cat'less dual exh.'s a pretty truck .. i went out tonight to see if i could see some "archy sparky" from a plug wire i have had melted plug wires from the tight fit .. i have since put sleeves and other insulation between the boots/wires n headers. i didnt see any sparks and the hyfire box had a red light glowing .. i assume that means it's working (?) ..i had put 15k trouble free miles on it since i bought it a couple yrs ago .(summer use only .May-Nov). i had an issue with it before and it ended up being a wire at the coil..when it was fixed it was bat *** crazy fast again ..i dunno if the timing is off or?.. i live in the sticks in the UP of michigan and i dont have many mechanics to choose from and even less that i trust i at times wonder if i should find someone to trade my FI stuff for a new dist , intake and 4bbl set up .. it has been dyno'd not far from 400 hp and i get 20+ mpg when it's working.. so i like that aspect of the FI.. it's also high geared (1800 rpm @ 70 mph)so that helps can be driven like dads old family car or drop the jaws of spectators..named it "overkill" (back of tailgate) because i own an exterminating biz and i was looking for a small (s-10/ranger 4x4 that had to be white to match the color of the other 2 trucks in our company) and i happened to find this .. which at 300+ HP was a lil overkill for a work truck and its a term we use if we use more chemical than needed anyways , i hope you read my long mumble.. just wondering if anyone knows what i should look at? .. i'm pretty sure it's electrical .it's a huge pain in the ass to change plugs in it.. had to drop the headers and the down pipes to do so and it was still tight..we did it last yr .. took a couple days to change plugs and cap n wires..would almost be easier to pull the motor .. it came with jegs shorty header plugs .. i just went with irridiums ..but maybe the heat that close to the boots n wires even with the sleeves is the issue .. i dunno .. thanx , steve-o  

waynep712222 waynep712222
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Posted: 05/01/13
01:35 AM

a few things... first plug in a scan tool and check your codes... post them..

second..  do you have a fuel pressure tester...  you could have a leaking fuel pressure regulator..  it will usually dribble only on one side...  does the fuel system hold pressure.??? if the regulator is leaking.. it could drop to zero or very close to it..

third.. i am taking the distributer has a vortec cap still..

you might want to change it and the rotor .. use a quality cap and rotor..

because of the embedded conductors running back and forth inside the plastic cap..  they can short out internally.. and drive owners crazy..   please... use care with the distributer cap hold down screws.. the distributer housing is plastic..  please back the screw up once installed until you feel it drop... then you can tighten the screw in.. without starting new threads.. they will strip very easily.. and require a longer screw..

i am hoping that you can borrow an advanced scan tool...  so you can get into the OEM override and operate the EGR valve to at least 90%.  several times.. key on engine off..   then do it at idle and see if the EGR being commanded open will stall the engine..  if so..

then bring the RPMs up and command it open beyond 50% while operating the throttle to keep it running at around 2500 3000 RPMs..   if the EGR is leaking.. because its not seating because of carbon.. or because its not opening properly.. the engine can ping and run poorly..  

waynep712222 waynep712222
Enthusiast | Posts: 251 | Joined: 03/13
Posted: 05/01/13
01:46 AM


discombobulated26 discombobulated26
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 05/13
Posted: 05/03/13
06:46 PM

Thanx man .. been trying to post a reply and thank you but it wouldnt let me log in .. i had just joined and when i went to reply i entered my name and PW and it kept saying it was wrong .. i have the original email from when i entered and it shows my UN and PW.. but it kept saying incorrect.. so i hit "forgot PW" and it said it was sending an email to me and it never did .. so i just made another acct.. FRUSTRATING !! .. But thanx .. i will look into these areas.. i dont have a scan tool or anything very helpful ... i did find someone in my little town who has one and he's going to look at my truck tomorrow..i have a new cap/rotor n wires as of last summer... i bought an ac delco cap.. was like almost 50 it looks like the one in the pic you's either fuel or elec.. most likely a bad wire or sumtn simple i'm thinking ..hoping it's an easy find with a scan tool on it.. i think the tool will have to be told this is a '98 vortec as the computer and intake (efi) is from a '98 350 pick up.. i also asked if he has a pressure gauge for the fuel .. and he does.. so i will try that.. if i unscrew the cap and press in the nozzle gas spits out pretty strong.. but i will print out your suggestions and we can brainstorm with that tomorrow if the tool doesnt reveal enough info codes..i hope we get it narrowed down .. i will keep you informed on the progress.. i really appreciate your help man!!! .. hope i get 'er back to life.. it's a lot of fun .. i'll post a pic of my truck in the not so distant future.. pretty cool for a work truck i use for my exterminating biz..even with a 50 gallon sprayer tank .. 5hp honda pump motor and a spool with 300 ft of hose stuffed in the back thanx , steve-o  

jcp0231 jcp0231
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 05/13
Posted: 05/12/13
10:47 AM

I think Waynep is dead on.