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350 vs 400

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350 vs 400

swaluda swaluda
User | Posts: 71 | Joined: 11/12
Posted: 03/05/13
08:36 PM

What seems to be the stronger block" Does one have more issues compaired to the other. Dont know, but i would like to. Thanks,  Stan in NE Pa.  

pepsi1 pepsi1
Guru | Posts: 1718 | Joined: 09/11
Posted: 03/06/13
01:10 AM

swaluda Good Question.

Smikey Yunick did a comprhensive study on the small block chevy.
(Look up Smokey's Garage or the best Lil' gagrage in town). One of these should have why he said what he said.

"I quote" The 2 Bolt 400 is the strongest of the 400's..."end Quote".

The 010/020 350 4 Bolt Large Journal 350 is the strongest....

I know this won't tell you much but if you look up Smokey's life story or maybe any books written by Smokey it will go into detail. The man was a Genius as far as I was concerned.

If you have any of Gumpy's performance books, he also goes into detail about why he studied the the Chevy Small and Big block engines.

For what it's worth in owning a 1966 ChevyII for 39 years. I ran a Grumpy's 331 Pro-Stock combo for all those years. (Updated of course). I took it out for Nostalgia Races when I could. Following most of Grumpy's build up over this time. I was spinning my Small Block's on a Good run to 9,500 RPM. (It wasn't a cup engine design).


dond1965 dond1965
Enthusiast | Posts: 294 | Joined: 12/13
Posted: 12/07/13
05:17 PM

from the stand point of the block structure, remember... the 400 has siamesed bores, there is no coolant jacket space for water flow, just solid metal! less flexing can happen with the 400 block!