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rear end gears

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rear end gears

83-parisienne 83-parisienne
New User | Posts: 45 | Joined: 01/13
Posted: 02/26/13
03:29 PM

i have a 83 parisienne, i was wondering if gears out of a 94 silverado will fit in my rear end  

68scott385 68scott385
Guru | Posts: 1990 | Joined: 10/09
Posted: 02/26/13
03:48 PM

Probably but you'll have to be careful mixing and matching parts.

The carriers should be the same 8.5" diameter. The side gears that ride inside the carrier, the ones the axles slide into, may have a different spline count.

Case in 97 1500 truck has 30 spline axles from the factory and my 88 Caprice uses 28 spline axles from the factory like my 75 MC came with, other wise the gears and carriers were interchangable.

My truck axles take a larger bearing that the car axles.  
68scott385 68scott385 68scott385

pepsi1 pepsi1
Guru | Posts: 1718 | Joined: 09/11
Posted: 02/26/13
04:40 PM

Things to check.

1.If the Truck is it a 1500. Because the 2500 and 3500
used a complete different rear, the  Dana 60 or 80 set up.

2.The ring gear diameter. If 8.5 on both your okay.

3.The Axle splines from the truck carrier to the car carrier.
The truck should have a series #3. So just swap the complete

4.Replace all the "BEARINGS and their RACES". Don't just replace
the bearings. They will eventually start to "whine or howl"

5.Use Dykam on gears to get a pattern on the ring gear when your set it
up in your car. Take the tightest spot and use that as your back lash
number. On used gears set them on the tightest spot as I mentioned.
Use a .008 to .012 back lash MAX. Checking  the back lash it atleast
every 90* or so.

6.Check all the Axle bearings on your car. If they need replacing now
is the time to do it. I mentioned replace all the bearings and their
respective races. Again don't reuse the old bearings or their races.

7.Remember your setting up a set of used gears in a completely different
housing. The housings are all different in their dimentions.

8.When your all done. Use "Red" Loctite on A New Pinion Nut. Then Stake the Nut in atleast 3 to 4 places. They do "Back Off" if not done correctly.Replace all the seals.  Good Luck.


83-parisienne 83-parisienne
New User | Posts: 45 | Joined: 01/13
Posted: 02/26/13
05:08 PM

so if the truck is a 1500 and has a 8.5 rear end the gears will fit?  

76Skylark 76Skylark
Guru | Posts: 853 | Joined: 12/11
Posted: 03/04/13
12:05 PM

No not really but yes to some extent 8.5" ring and Pinion also came as a 12 bolt. and  bolt numbers not only refer to the bolts that hold on the cover but to the number of bolts that hold the ring gear to the Carrier. I have a 12bolt that came from a Caddy with a 10 bolt cover This Work MUST be done by someone with the Correct Tools and that person can tell you what will fit. your question is very generalized  just what are you wanting to do.if looking to change the Ratio tell us, we can help some. this deal is't THAT expensive but is several hundred bucks,even if I did use a used Gear all else would be New And MUST be set up correctly.  

skyeking skyeking
Addict | Posts: 2738 | Joined: 08/09
Posted: 03/07/13
04:14 PM

Hi Larrikin!!