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400 SHP Shortblock

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400 SHP Shortblock

geargrabber geargrabber
User | Posts: 74 | Joined: 07/12
Posted: 10/11/12
03:35 PM

I hope this qualifies as a Chevy engine. As most know who have followed my other posts, I have a decent 350 block with forged crank and pink rods..but I got to wondering if one of these Dart SHP shortblock assemblies might give me a little more torque at lower RPM`s and thus be a little more street friendly/fun.
I called the tech line at Dart to inquire if the hydraulic roller lifters would work in this block, and they will.Then I find out about a possible deal that might save me some $$ (thats always a good thing).
Sooo, I end up with this rotating assembly.Cast crank, KB coated skirt H-pistons.
Now..LOL..I`m terribly undecided..(the older I get the worse my undecidedness lol)
Use the same cam and heads? Oh well, guess I have the winter to think about it.
All suggestions welcome. I realy want to run on premium pump gas.
I took a few pictures before wrapping it up for storage.005 2

I may not log on for awhile; Going to be working much OT for next 4 weeks.  

redneckjoe69 redneckjoe69
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Posted: 10/11/12
04:36 PM

very nice! Cool       ill be the first to vote for aftermarket heads and a nice hyd roller cam with a rev kit. Grin       good score!  

Dave632 Dave632
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Posted: 10/11/12
06:34 PM

By all means a mild hyd cam and not over 9.5-1 compression should allow you to run pump gas. Do not go too large on the heads so that you keep the low speed performance you are looking for. My Dart block served me well, I would buy another if I went racing again. Mine was A BB however.