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05 Chevelle SS..... you mean Cavalier SS

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05 Chevelle SS..... you mean Cavalier SS

New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 02/04
Posted: 02/12/04
11:49 AM

Nice little car!  Does it come in MENS???  Looks like a cavalier dammit!   If GM decides to make this car and call it a Chevelle, then im hangin up the keys to all my chevs!  Dont disgrace the legendary Chevelle the new GTO is bad enough. 



1320man 1320man
New User | Posts: 10 | Joined: 01/04
Posted: 02/12/04
02:04 PM

AMEN brother!!!!!! I agree 100 %. Just because you put a name on a car doesnt mean its gonna follow in its legends footsteps!! And as far as GTO goes, an Australian car , nuff said. BLAHHHHH. I never thought I'd say a good thing about Fords , but , they hit it right on the nose w/ their retro styled mustang. Come on fellas look back at the 60's and 70's muscle and lets get something a little tougher lookin'!!!  

65malssibu 65malssibu
New User | Posts: 8 | Joined: 02/04
Posted: 02/13/04
07:10 AM

The new/old mustangs are ugly anyways, no comment there. But GM sure does need to get there act together because they've probably haven't made any decent number sales since the camaro died. It seems like chevy is just gonna keep on killing legends and bringing them back just because they new they were wrong about all there bad dicisions. Nice furture. But i have to say, that this prototype is ugly just like mustangs and they should send it back to Australlia and burn it.

P.S. Have you seen Thom Taylor's design, Awsome!(Picture in CHP April edition, Pg. 14, top left), but should make a totally different looking chevelle like they did every year like they used to do changing the body style every year except for 68 and 69's.

Edited 2/13/2004 10:19:06 AM ET by 65malssibu  

gablemountain gablemountain
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 02/04
Posted: 02/17/04
02:23 PM

You hit the nail right on the head!  It seams that any car built after 1994 has to have that "pregnant rollerskate" look.  This car looks like a Cavalier on steriods, but still a Cavalier.  This is just Chevy trying to make up for killing the Camaro.